Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye disease is a common malady that causes misery for the sufferers because the tears ducts and glands are not able to create enough tears to keep the eyes moisturized. This could lead to a dry, red, burning and even a sandpaper sensation. Fortunately, we at the Powers Eye Center, located in Colorado Springs, CO offer the latest in technology to provide solutions to our patients who experience this type of problem.

What are some causes?

Some reasons an individual’s eye might have difficulties producing tears include having certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, atrophic arthritis and thyroid gland issues. A lack of vitamin A, certain medications, and environmental factors, including smoke and arid conditions can contribute to this disease as well. Overall, as a person grows older, they are more at risk for decrease tear production.

How is it treated?

The optometrist will first ask you about your medical history and find out what medications you are taking. After a comprehensive discussion about your health background and current situation, the specialist will examine your eyes.

When the testing is finished, our doctor will discuss with you his findings and make suggestions on how to proceed. This could include using artificial tears, changing the atmosphere of your indoor environment with a humidifier or lifestyle changes such as taking vitamins and eating a healthy diet.

Contact Powers Eye Center For Dry Eye Assistance

If you are tired of dealing with the constant rubbing, blurred vision and redness of your dry eye problem, we at the Powers Eye Center, located in Colorado Springs, CO can help you. Dr. Neil McAllister has committed more than 30 years of his life to quality Optometric work. He applies advanced techniques to aid his patients in maintaining and improving the health of their invaluable sight. To make an appointment, please reach out to us by phone at 719-598-5068.

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