How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes

If you have diabetes, you will need to work with your doctor to keep the condition under control – or the health of your eyes could decline. You have to keep your blood sugar stable and well-controlled to protect the sensitive tissues in your eyes from damage. Otherwise, you could start to experience vision loss that rapidly arises and may permanently remain. To better understand how this happens, explore how diabetes can affect your eyes.

Intermittent Blurry Vision

As your blood sugar levels rise and fall outside the normal range, you may experience blurry vision. The vision changes arise as the abnormal blood sugar levels alter the amount of fluid in your eyes. The resulting pressure changes change the size and shape of the lens, making it difficult to see clearly. When your blood sugar returns to normal levels, your blurry vision will likely resolve. Since the blurry vision can occur without warning, this problem can impede your normal daily activities, including driving.

Diabetic Retinopathy

As the tissues in your eyes swell in response to blood sugar fluctuations, blockage of the blood vessels occurs, resulting in diabetic retinopathy. This condition tends to silently develop over a period of time without causing any major symptoms. As scar tissue forms, it can damage the optic nerve or even cause the retina to fully detach from the eye. If blood sugar levels remain out of control, blindness may occur as the eye fails to receive adequate blood supply from the damaged vessels.

Preventing Eye Problems with Excellent Diabetes Management

When it comes to protecting your vision and the health of your eyes, diabetes management is key. With proper management, you can keep blood sugar fluctuations to a minimum and preserve the health of your eyes. You can work with your physician and eye doctor for help monitoring your health and making adjustments to your care plan.

You should also come in for regular checkups with your eye doctor to stay ahead of any vision changes that occur. To schedule a visit with your eye doctor at Powers Eye Center, give us a call at 719-598-5068 and let us know what time and date is convenient for you.