Can Computer Glasses Help at Work?

The development of technology is resulting in significant changes to vision over time. More people are using computers, tablets, smartphones, or other digital devices in their office environment. The problem is that the continued use of digital devices results in eye strain, dry eyes, and other potential complications. Computer glasses are growing in popularity in an attempt to reduce the symptoms of extended computer usage, but some questions arise with new ideas and products.


Computer glasses are a type of glasses designed to help filter out the blue light that comes from computer screens and other digital devices. Depending on the glasses, they may also filter out glares and UV radiation.

The point of the glasses is to reduce the amount of blue light that goes into your eyes. The result of lower levels of blue light from computer devices is that you will experience less eye strain and symptoms associated with eye strain. While it is not yet clear if the glasses help with more complex eye conditions like cataracts, the protection from UV radiation may also help keep your eyes healthy.


The primary benefit of computer glasses is the impact on eye strain. While it is not yet clear if the glasses help with other eye conditions, it does have a positive impact on eye strain when sitting in front of a computer for an extended period. It helps reduce the amount of eye strain you experience and may offer some protection against problems associated with UV radiation.

Computer glasses are a useful way to limit the damage to your eyes when you work in an office environment. While you still want to take measures to keep your eyes healthy by looking away from your screen and getting up for regular breaks, the glasses may help with eye strain when you are not able to take breaks from a computer or digital device.