What to Expect During an Optomap Retinal Exam

Eye doctors can assess the health and condition of your retinas better than ever before with Optomap retinal imaging. Using high tech imaging equipment, eye doctors can view the entire inside of the eye without the need for dilation of your retinas. The accurate images allow for the prompt diagnosis of health conditions affecting the retina and continued monitoring of your eye health. Although the process is quick and easy, you can prepare for your Optomap retinal exam with this guide on what to expect.

Adjustment of the Scanning Equipment

Your eye doctor must adjust the scanning equipment to make sure it will properly read and record your retinal images. The adjustment process only takes a few seconds to complete in most cases. You will just need to follow your eye doctor’s instructions to assist in the completion of your scanning equipment adjustment process.

Quick Scan of Your Eye Structure

Once you are finished with the adjustment procedures, the scan will begin. Your eye doctor will likely instruct you to lean forward on the faceplate and keep your eyes open for the duration of the test. Once you are positioned in front of the imaging equipment, your eye doctor will press the button and start the scan. The scanning process usually only takes a few seconds per eye to complete.

Consultation with the Eye Doctor

After you complete the Optomap retinal exam process, you will have an opportunity to consult with your eye doctor. You will receive information on any findings from the retinal image scans and support in choosing the best treatment for your needs. Your eye doctor will provide you with the information and support you need to move forward in protecting the health of your eyes.

Talk with Your Doctor to Learn More About Optomap Retinal Exams

Optomap retinal exams allow your eye doctor to view your entire retina and record the images in your medical record. With this exam, you may not need to have your retinas dilated to receive a diagnosis and begin treatment as required. To learn more about keeping your eyes in great health, schedule your eye care appointment today with a call to 719-598-5068.