Best Sunglass Lenses for a Day on the Snow

Your sunglasses play a role in your success (and safety) on the snow, so it helps to do your homework. All sunglasses will protect you from the harsh UV glare, but certain lenses will give you more visibility over others.


A photochromic lens will darken your visibility on sunny days and lighten up when the sun skitters behind the clouds. These lenses change automatically, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting anything if you’re flying down the slopes. They won’t adjust if you’re driving though (because the windshield blocks the sensors), and they may take a few seconds to adjust if it’s extremely cold outside.


A polarized lens will reduce general glare at all times, and they’re typically recommended for anyone who has especially sensitive eyes in the sun. Even if the sky darkens unexpectedly when you’re on the slopes, they should still leave you with enough visibility to make it to the bottom.


Interchangeable lenses are ones that can be actively removed and swapped out based on the glare of the snow. These can be perfect if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool snow bunny and travel all over the world to find the perfect powder. However, for most people, they won’t need to have several lenses lined up based on the conditions


No matter what type of lens you get, opt for a light-colored lens. These colors excel in medium to low lighting conditions without interfering with your depth perception. Plus, you’ll get a better contrast for far-range visibility. This way, you can quickly distinguish a small twig or rock against the white of the snow in plenty of time to avoid it. If you want to learn more about sunglass lenses and the snow, Powers Eye Center can help. We have the products and the knowledge to help you find the best skiing sunglasses for you!